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Nature,  weather, seasons,  etc......

The Gift 
I sit down in the warm sunlight,
and take a deep breath, suddenly I feel alive.
I feel the sun's energy, first on my face,
and then spread to my arms, legs and the rest of my body.
As the breeze blows through my hair,
my body is soaking up the energy,
making the tired feeling go away,
giving me a sense of peace and relaxation.
The stress is being released.
The sunlight in my hair sparkles and leaves golden highlights.
On my face and cheeks, it leaves a rosey glow.
I'm truly in Heaven.
I feel a sense of warmth, love and well being.
It feels like I have been touched by God.
Maybe it's a feeling of being in touch with the living things
that surround me, the grass and trees also soaking up the sun,
a butterfly gently goes by.
I close my eyes and hear the birds singing in the trees,
I hear the rustle of the wind blowing thru the leaves.
This is my Heaven
I feel so close to God.
"Thank You for this precious gift."
 ©Summer J. 11/04/03


Thank You Jesus

Dear Jesus, I believe in you and that you are the Christ,
I thank You for being brave & strong and for your incredible sacrifice

Although words cannot express the proper amount of appreciation,
I thank You for all Your pain & suffering and Your love & devotion

Thank You for following God's plan knowing that loosing Your life was part of the outcome,
Thank You for completing your destiny and preparing us for God's Kingdom

Thank You for forgiving our sins and transgressions,
For protecting us from evil and guiding us to make the right decisions

Thank you for filling believers with Your Spirit so that we can try to help others find their way,
Please help us spread the gospil and choose the right words to say

One way we can say Thank You is to pledge our soul only to You and the Father,
I truly belong to You, God and no other.

Thank You Jesus,
For all You do for us.

©Sandy J. April 2009



I See God
I see God when the sun first rises in the morning and gives us daylight.
I see God when I look across the Ocean which stretches on & on with no end in sight.
I see God when I look up at a mountain, so large and powerful, standing tall at an amazing height.
I see God in a strong thunderstorm with it's flashing lightning and loud thunder making us respect it's might.
I see God on a Summer's day as a butterfly gently goes by on it's joyful flight.
I see God when I look up at the Stars twinkling in the Heavens, shining so bright.
I see God when the full moon is reflecting on the water on a clear night.
I see God in the dazzling Spring flowers and the colorful Autumn leaves that give our eyes such a delight.
I see God after a wonderous Winter's snow when all is glistening and covered in white.
I see God when a mother and her newborn baby first unite.
I see God when we love one another and do what we know is right.

by Sandy J October 23, 2009





The Beach

Salt water in the air
A gentle breeze blows my hair

Spread the blanket in the perfect spot
Close to water, incase it gets hot

Children venture out to see what they can find
Shells, shark's teeth & other treasures in mind

They run across the beach in bare feet
as seagulls & ducks search for something to eat

Passer bys throw pieces of bread
The birds are happy to be fed

Buckets and shovels produce fine castles in the sand
Many lie in the sun, trying to get tanned

The sound of the waves splashing against the tide
makes one feel relaxed & peaceful inside

The water is perfect for cooling down
many swimmers and waders can be found

The beach is a wonderous land
a special & unique world covered with sand 

© Summer J
June 19, 2002


~A Summer Day~

Day breaks with a colorful sunrise,
bursting out from behind the horizon.
The world starts to wake as the brilliant
yellow ball of light shines on.
Early in the morning, the birds sing happily,
while searching for something to eat.
But by midday, they have found a hideaway out of the heat.
Children run barefoot thru the wet grass,
as they go thru the sprinkler on another pass.
Popsicles & ice cream are a delicious snack,
but first a spin on the tire swing out back.
Time passed so quickly, the day is almost done.
Behind the trees sets the evening sun.
Grown ups sit on the back porch swing,
sipping on lemonade & iced tea, conversing.
Watch the rabbits that have come out to nibble on clover,
now that the heat of the day is over.
A warm southern breeze
blows gently through the trees.
Not a cloud in the sky on this beautiful night.
Many of the stars are shining bright.
The fireflies put on a delightful show,
as they fill the night with their wonderous glow.
All to soon the day has come to an end.
It's time to say goodnight to our Summer day my friend.
©Summer J. July 2002  


 Our Sun
Appearing suddenly in the horrizon,
popping out from behind a cloud,
it shines bright.

Casting its light upon the world,
removing the darkenss that had taken over the night.

Warming up the Earth that was freezing below,
giving living things the encouragement to grow.

Watch it dance across the water,
causing a beautiful reflection,
But be careful not to look to closely in its direction.

For it's beauty is so intense, that it could blind.
Instead look at your surroundings,
for it makes all things shine.

Spend the day enjoying its warmth and light.
But when it starts to set, wish it a safe journey,
as it moves through the night.

For there would be no life,
without the suns special care.
It is a precious gift, that we all share.

© Summer J.  2/4/03


The Storm

The dark cloud appears suddenly in the
sky without warning.
A swift wind brings in the first cold
rain drops.
Wide spread and slow at first.
The leaves start blowing from the trees,
flying thru the air.
A flash of light & the first roar of thunder can be heard.
The wise take cover from natures roar.
The rain is now pouring, the drops bounce
as they hit the ground.
Puddles appear and then small streams are created.
The wind, lightening and thunder are at their worst.
Small round cubes of ice begin to hit the surface.
Some making loud bangs
as they hit things not created by Mother Nature.
The ice disappears and gives way to a steady rain.
The wind has died down, the worst is over.
Slowly the dark cloud has moved on .
The rain stops and the sun begins to shine.
The frogs, turtles, rabbits and other creatures
are enjoying the refreshing water.
Birds hunt for worms in the soft earth.
The air is cool & delightful.
The Storm is over.
©Summer J.  July 2002


Love, Life & Friendship,  etc......

Remember I Love you
If things are busy & I don't take the time to say it,
Remember I Love You.
If I make a mistake and you are displeased,
Remember I Love You.
If we are apart during the day,
Remember I Love You.
If I forget to say it before we go to sleep,
Remember I Love You.
If we have to spend the night apart,
Remember I Love You.
If you're sick and not feeling well,
Remember I Love You.
If you're sad and having a bad day,
Remember I Love You.
If you're lonely & I'm not there,
Remember I Love You.
If Death should come, before I see you again,
Remember I Love You.
©Summer J. 10/11/02


A Great Friendship
Both so young and full of life,
Eager to break some rules and have some fun.
Along the way a great friendship had begun.
Some trouble we did find along the way,
but each experience made us eager for another day.
Life was so intense with its ups and downs.
Everything worked out since we had each other around.
A secret life was shared between us two.
A special friendship so strong and true.
We helped each other through lifes' first.
Some things wonderful and some were the worst.
Oh our first loves were incredible.
But the heartache that followed was unbareable.
We helped each other through the pain.
And learned to laugh once again.
Much laughter we did share,
we were quite a strong pair.
Spending all our time together.
Through hot and colod weather.
Through good times and bad,
what a great friendship we had!
©Summer J. 11/13/02


A Mother's Questons
Will the baby be healthy and strong?
We have been waiting & praying for so long.
Will it be a boy or a girl?
She has dark hair with a little curl.
When will she sleep through the night?
Maybe if I leave on the light.
Is she drinking enough milk to help her grow?
So many things that I want to know.
Is she ready to sit up without my support?
She does it so easily wihtout any effort.
Is it time to feed her solid food?
She seems to be in an excited mood.
When will she learn to crawl?
She went from there, to the wall!
Is it time for her to stand & walk alone?
Look at her, she's doing it on her own.
Will she say her first word soon?
I can't believe, she said "mama" this afternoon.
Will she be okay at the sitters?
All day long I had the jitters.
Will she be afraid her first day of school?
I'll do my best not to cry, I will keep my cool.
Will she get good grades & make a nice friend?
She's going to play over Sally's house this weekend.
Will she finish high school & get a good education?
I'm so proud watching her at graduation.
Will she drive with caution, when she's in the car?
Please be careful and don't go far.
Will she date a nice boy who treats her well?
He really cares about her I can tell.
Will she go to college and get a degree?
She's going to do well, it's clear to see.
Will she find a good job that she enjoys?
Her company is successful & values all whom it employs.
Will they get married & be happy together?
Their love seems strong, I hope it lasts forever.
Where will they live? Will it be far away?
They'll stay close if I get my way.
Will the baby be healthy and strong?
They have been waiting & praying for so long.
©Summer J. 07/14/02



Misc. Topics

Halloween is Almost Here
Halloween is almost here,
Time to stir up a little playful fear.
Not too scary to cause a real fright,
just enough to make them smile with delight.
Carve up the pumpkin to make a jack-o'lantern with a spooky face.
Streamers of orange and black decorate the place.
Dressed in our costumes of many different creations.
From witches to angels, and monsters to heroes, anything
you can think of is right for the occasion.
Soon it will be dark & time to go out in search of sweets.
Friends and neighbors fill our bags with a variety of treats.
At home we empty our bag full of tasty treasures.
Enough to give us many snacks of mouth watering pleasure.
Time to take off our disguise and be ourselves again.
'Til next Halloween, when we can become whatever we choose to pretend.
©Summer J. October 2003



The Trip

Time to plan the trip. Where will we go?
What will we do? Where will we stay?
I can't wait til time passes,
I can't wait til vacation day!
It's time to pack, what should we bring?
That should do it, I hope we haven't forgotten anything.
The big day is tomorrow, hope we can sleep tonight.
We'll be up in the morning, before the sun's first light.
The day is finally here, we're filled with anticipation.
Pack the car, it's time to begin our vacation!
An hour on the road and we hear these questions,
Are we there yet? How much longer will it be?
We can't wait til time passes, there will be so much to see.
We finally arrived, to where we will stay.
Time to freshen up & plan the rest of the day.
Out we go to look around and have some fun.
We try to do as much as we can , before the day is done.
Several days later we realize, the time has gone by so fast.
It's hard to believe this vacation day is our last.
We see and do all that we can,
trying to ensure we have done everything that we had planned.
Time to pack our belongings once again.
Sad to say our trip is nearing it's end.
The places start to look familiar as we drive past.
We're almost there, at last.
This vacation was the best,
but it's great to be home where we can get a good rest.
It's great to be home with the people for whom we care.
We had a wonderful time and have lots of great memories to share.
©Summer J. 07/11/02


Tropical Paradise
Lately I find, that a new idea has come to mind,
I'm think'n about more than a vacation,
more like a permanent relocation.
Some place hot would be nice,
like a tropical paradise.
Some place where I don't have to be told,
I have to put up with the miserable cold.
Some place where the sun always shines bright,
and it stays warm all night.
Some place with swaying palm trees,
and a warm southernly breeze.
Some place where I can keep my tan,
and feel my bare feet in the sand.
Some place where I will always wear a smile,
and forget about all life's worries for a while.
©Summer J.  4/30/04


Life and Weather

Life is alot like the weather,
no one can really predict what the next day will bring.
Will the day be sunny or cloudy, happy or sad?
The days may be fair for a several day stretch or
those rainy days may arise making things a bit more difficult.
Thus, the saying "Save for a rainy day" - hard times.
A day may appear to be average,
just another day & then suddenly, lightening may strike
and cause unthinkable damage.
If the days are difficult and cloudy,
remember they say " the sun will come out tomorrow."
So try not to dwell in sorrow.
Sometimes when things get too extreme,
we must rest for a bit,
but life does go on and we mustn't quit.
©Summer J.  07/23/02


On This Autumn Day

The air is cool & crisp on this Autumn day.
Colorful leaves of red, yellow, & gold,
stand out below the sky of gray.
Family & Friends are coming from near and far away,
to gather together to celebrate this special day.
We will share a grand feast, with a turkey & side dishes,
Discussing our upcoming plans & Holiday wishes.
Thankful for our health, family & friends,
We cherish this warm & happy memory, as the day ends.
 ©Summer J. 11/05/02











Internet Friends

Internet Friends are fun to meet.
It's nice to have a new visitor to greet.
Some friendships only last a short while and then go on their way,
Some of us feel a connection and decide to stay.
Every now and then, we make a friendship that is strong.
We see each other go thru changes and help each other along.
Converse with each other on the forums, visit each others home on the net,
Talk things out thru email if we get upset.
Celebrate the holidays and the seasons together,
hot to cold, all kinds of weather.
Share our joys, surprise, pain or grief.
Open up our hearts and minds to many different beliefs.
Although it is not with our eyes, we see each other clearly,
Although it is not with our ears, we listen to one another sincerely.
Separated by thousands of miles,
but together we can share many smiles.
Some of us are a world apart,
but our friendship brings us close to heart.
©Summer J.  02/03/05


Looking in the Mirror 
Looking in the mirror,
Her face is young and gleaming.
Her wide eyes clear and bright.
Her skin is smooth and soft,
a few blemishes at most.
Just by looking you can tell,
she's in a hurry to grow up.
Eager to experience the pleasures of life,
being on her own,
making her own decisions.
It all seems so exciting,
she knows nothing of responsibility or stress.
Looking in the mirror,
Her face shows signs of age.
Her eyes are tired and red.
Her skin is older and wrinkled,
but her smile is still bright.
Just by looking you can tell she is happy and content,
no longer in a hurry.
Enjoying everyday that she is given.
Making it the best it can be.
She has gained wisdom & knowledge
and kows what is important.
©Summer J. 07/14/02


I Heard a Lie Today
I heard a young child tell a lie today, he said he didn't do it.
It was obvious he was lying, but he thought no one could see through it.
His eyes were wide, he tried his best to look innocent.
The truth was discovered & he received a punishment.
If only he had told the truth, it would have been forgiven,
but he decided to tell the lie and had to learn his lesson.
I heard a young woman tell a lie today, she said she was in a different place.
She was speaking on a phone, they could not see the guilt on her face.
They only wanted to keep her safe, they didn't want to stop her fun.
I only hope she learns this lesson, before any harm is done.
I heard a man tell a lie today and it made me ponder.
He seemed like the kind of fellow, who's eye liked to wonder.
His lie was used to hide the fact that he was seeing someone new.
Why couldn't he tell the truth, so that she could find someone else too?
I have heard many lies today, but what did they gain?
A punishment for him, she's in harms way, & did he save anyones pain?
The truth is a powerful thing, it will break free from the lie.
So maybe being honest to one another is worth a try.
 ©Summer J. July 2002


Your Eyes 
Your eyes can say so much.
They show all that you are feeling.
They can say I love you without even a touch.
When you are being dishonest,
They tell the truth.
They look away and find somewhere else to rest.
When you are happy and excited,
They shine brightly.
They smile at me delighted.
When you are depressed and feeling down,
They are sad.
They seem to be wearing a frown.
Your eyes can speak without a single word.
They speak louder than anything
I've ever heard.
Your eyes tell me how you feel inside.
They show me things that words
sometimes hide. 
©Summer J.  08/30/02


A Heart
A heart filled with love & passion
shatters unexpectedly
unbareable pain & anguish
Hatred then consumes
Can it love like this again?
In the future it will be guarded
never truly trusting
waiting for the break,
protecting itself from pain,
Can it let go of the past
to make way for the future?
Pain subsides
Love is growing
but not the same way.
It's slow and cautious.
Can it love in a new way?
 ©Summer J.  September 2002 


Pets are a blessing to those that own them.
They can easily become one's best friend.
The first to greet you, when you arrive home.
There to keep you company, when you feel alone.
Someone to talk to, when you're feeling sad.
Not giving any advice, but making you not feel so bad.
Sometimes you feel tired and under the weather.
Your pet is there to cuddle and make you feel better.
When you're feeling well and having a good day,
Your pet is more than ready, to have some fun and play.
Some people change & go their separate ways,
but your pet will stay with you until his last days.
They're always there to give you all the love they have to give.
A true & faithful friend for as long as they live.
Their love is pure and innocent, not motivated by greed.
So open your heart, and make sure you give them, all the love they need.
©Summer J. 07/16/02


I made a wish on a falling star.
I'm still waiting on that fancy car.
I picked a 4 leaf clover and put it in a locket.
I found a penny heads up and put it in my pocket.
I was in Heaven,
that day I rolled a seven.
I have a Horse shoe hanging on my wall, the right way,
but everytime I wear that shirt I have a bad day.
I threw salt over my shoulder after that little spill,
so why did that waiter bring such a high bill?
A black cat crossed in front of my truck
and I broke that mirror & had seven years bad luck.
Should have worn my lucky socks with that suit.
My little rabbit's foot sure looked cute.
Oh my, Friday the 13th is coming real soon.
There's gonna be alot of crazy people out with that full moon.
I wouldn't go under that ladder if I were you.
You just never know what might be true. ;)
©Summer J. July 2002


LIfe in a Fish Bowl
Life in a fish bowl must be pretty boring.
I watch Goldy beg for food when she see me in the morning.
She acts as if it has been a long time, since she has been fed.
But I gave her a large dash before I went to bed.
Everytime I stop for a peak, she does a little dance.
I bet she would swim right out of that bowl, if she had the chance.
It seems all she wants to do is eat, but maybe that's because all she gets to do
is swim in circles all day.
I think very soon I will take her to a pond and watch her swim away.
©Summer J.